Can you turn our stories into touching words?


Dear Copywriter, we miss you!

To make a long story short, we make trousers with a purpose like no one else. Each pair is full of stories waiting to be written in a way that evokes emotions and leaves a positive impact on both men and women. Therefore we are looking for someone with a passion for;

  • Being a good travel companion on our purposeful journey
  • Finding and telling our authentic stories
  • Chasing “what’s in it for me” angles
  • Making product details customer-appealing
  • Rewriting “the correct” to engaging communication that touches people

Your tasks

You will work full time with our two brands, Five Units for women & Plain Units for men. Your responsibilities cover everything from capturing all the good stories we hold, writing commercial material, newsletters, headlines and press releases to product descriptions and proofreading as a grammar nerd—all in close cooperation with the E-commerce & Marketing team.

Your skills

Your background is not that important; we are more interested in your skills and qualities⏤and how you bring them into play.

We need you to be:

  • Open to challenging the traditional way of thinking sales and marketing
  • Trained in copywriting and storytelling rather than journalism and information
  • Fluent in English (both verbal and in writing)
  • Mastering Danish as well (we work on both languages)

We would love you to be:

  • Easy going, yet sharp and precise
  • Flexible and used to working with deadlines
  • Well-structured and paying attention to detail
  • Interested in slow fashion and sustainability
  • Trained in SEO, keywords and optimisation
  • Able to work with specific guidelines

Who are we?

We are specialised in designing and producing everyday trousers that feel custom-made. To be able to do that we put people before trousers. Driven by our values ease, love and understanding we are just about to unroll an ambitious purpose, you definitely should hear more about.

Also, we are really nice people, both strong and vulnerable. Based in Nørrebro, Copenhagen with excellent work conditions, a yummy lunch arrangement, flexible hours and lots of employee benefits.

What should you do to apply?

  1. Send us your resume.
  2. Write a brief product description of this item, where you communicate both features and benefits effectively.
  3. Imagine there is a Mr Fashion and write him a letter (it is for sure less than an A4 page) in which you simply and humanly tell how you feel about fashion:
    • What would you like to change and why?
    • What should fashion take account of to meet human needs and make people comfortable?
    • What matters to you working with a fashion brand?

Your application, resume and product descriptions must be in English. Send it to our E-commerce & Marketing Manager, Betina Korsbro at

Type: Full-time employment.
Deadline: When we find the right candidate, so don’t hesitate to apply now.

We look forward to hearing from you!


With ease, love, and understanding
The Five Units & Plain Units team


Friday, August 14, 2020